Types Of Molding To Create For Your Newborn’s Room

January 20th, 2016
Types Of Molding To Create For Your Newborn’s Room

Do you have a newborn on the way?


If so, the top item on the to-do list for any parent to be is to take care of the nursery, but it can be easily forgotten about considering the other million stressors during a pregnancy.


As the days come closer to the due date you want to make sure that the nursery becomes a top priority.


In thinking about colors and themes, there is one item in the baby’s room that is often overlooked or even forgotten about – molding.


Molding can make such a difference in the overall appearance of the room and should not be placed on the back burner.


Some of our favorite molding choices include:


  • Chair Rails – you can add dimension and texture by adding a chair rail to the room. The chair rail can be of varying heights as well. It can go up to the top of the bedroom door or be waistline height. You can complement the rail by adding wallpaper either above or below the railing – it will look great with either position you decide.


  • Crown Molding – If your home already has a traditional style, the newborn’s room should continue that same theme. It will only enhance the flow from room to room, especially if each of the other rooms does have crown molding as well. Be sure to consider the room heights when selecting the perfect molding for the baby’s room. If you do have higher ceilings in other portions of the house, you may need to scale back if the nursery walls are shorter.


  • Baseboards – There is no room, in our opinion, that is complete without baseboards. These additions are great because you can match them with the wood floors, paint them white, and even choose your own style to make them pop out from the walls.


When you are creating the perfect nursery for your baby to come, be sure to think about the different types of molding that you can add for character and charm.


Use the above examples for inspiration when you are ready to take this project on.


Remember that W. Moore Profiles has the tools you need to complete your next molding and woodworking job. For more information please feel free to contact us today!



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