Steps To Take When Creating And Woodworking A Picnic Table

January 19th, 2016
Steps To Take When Creating And Woodworking A Picnic Table

Do you not have any plans for the upcoming weekend, and are looking for a nice project to do with the family or by yourself?


Making a picnic table is the perfect project to take on and you do not need much experience with woodworking to take this project on.


There are only a few steps to follow when creating a picnic table that we have laid out below.


Start building the table from the bottom up.


Create the four legs by cutting 2x8s two at a time, for more accurate measuring by 22 degrees.


Then cut two 2×4 horizontal cross pieces to support the top and two 2×8 crosspieces for the benches.


Cut one corner off each end of the bench crosspieces. Make two 2×4 braces with 45-degree mitered ends to run from the sides to the underside of the tabletop. Cut 2×4 middle braces for the benches and the top.


Next move onto the top of the table by creating the frame; you will need to attach the top crosspiece to the legs with 2 ½ in. deck screws. Be careful not to drill too deep so that the screws puncture through on the other side of the bench.


Then attach the bench crosspiece to the legs with 3 ½ in. carriage bolts 15 in. from the bottom edge.


The last part of the deck building process is cutting two pieces of 2×6 for each bench and five pieces for the top (allowing for a 2 in. overhang on either side).


Then stand the A-Frame sides up and attach the bench crosspieces with 2 ½ in. deck screws. Secure the 2×4 braces to the bench crosspiece at one end and the underside of the tabletop at the other.


You can get creative once all of the above steps are completed by picking a stain or painting color that appeals to your personal taste and creativity to blend with your home’s style.


This project from start to finish should not take too long, therefore making it the perfect project to accomplish on a weekend.


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