Matching The Color Of Stain

December 21st, 2015
Matching The Color Of Stain

Often with a restoration or replacement project, you’re looking to take out a broken or worn piece of trim or ornamentation and replace it with a freshly cut and colored piece.


While matching the cut can be done several different ways, as we’ve previously discussed, matching the color can sometimes be a more difficult endeavor.


While you may be able to find a stain that’s almost the right shade, it might be just a hint too light or dark to seamlessly blend with the existing wood. That’s where blending options come in. Popular Woodworking recently discussed blending your stain and had several recommendations.


Here’s a look at a few options to get the stain just right.


Blend Shades


One of the simplest ways to achieve a perfect color is to blend two shades from the same type and brand of stain. Two stains from the same manufacturer and using the same stain medium should have very similar properties, making them more easily combined without skewing the mixed shade or making it inconsistently colored.


Add Pigment


Another option is to add a concentrated pigment paste to add more coloration to your existing stain.


These “universal tinting colors,” Popular Woodworking notes, are available both in oil- and water-based formulas to blend with whichever staining medium you’ll be working with. Plus, with such a strong and concentrated color, the minimal amount needed to change the hue should not alter the overall drying time and allow you to work at the same pace.


Oil Options


Last, if you’re working to match an oil-based stain, altering the color can be done with two pigment changing options – artist’s oil colors and Japan colors. These pigment additives are commonly available from arts and crafts stores, and can be used to darken or brighten the tint.


Like UTCs, the amount you’ll need shouldn’t change drying time much, though artist’s oil colors are more likely to add time than Japan colors.


Through a bit of experimenting, achieving the perfect color to blend perfectly with your existing moulding is possible. If you need help getting the right shape, however, we can help.


At W. Moore Profiles, our extensive selection of insert tooling, moulder heads, planing knives and more is sure to have the shapes you need for your project.


We can also make custom-made shapes for your unique trimming, as well! For more information or help determining the right approach for your project, contact us today.



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