Making Molding Cuts With Molding Tools

January 11th, 2016
Making Molding Cuts With Molding Tools

After a while, the molding in our homes needs to be replaced. Now we could simply go out and hire a professional but the reality is we can cut the new molding ourselves using the proper tools.


Now when it comes to making the cuts it can be done one of two ways: by mitering it or coping it. For mitering, first measure the inside angle of the wall the molding is going on.


Then set your compound miter saw to that angle. From there, keeping the molding tight against it, make our first cut.


From there, swing the blade to match the half angle of your original measurement and then make another cut with the saw. After that put the two pieces together and hammer them into place.


Much like mitering, your first order of business for coping is measuring the angle of the corner. From there, you can make the first cut with the coping saw or the compound miter saw.


The reason for this is where the miter saw can make big cuts, the coping saw can make big cuts but it will also allow you to saw at different angles as well. This is ideal if your molding is going into corners that are smaller than 90 degrees.


A coping saw can go in and make the cuts necessary to make it all fit properly against the wall and the other piece of molding.


Please remember while doing this though that safety is important. If you don’t know how to operate these tools do not use or get taught how to use them as they can cause injury.


On the other hand, if you do have experience with them be sure to protect yourself during their operation.


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