Create Great-Looking Cabinet Doors With The Frame-And-Panel Method

December 9th, 2015
Create Great-Looking Cabinet Doors With The Frame-And-Panel Method

Whether you’re a crafty hobbyist or a serious DIYer, you might be interested to know that cabinets are quite easy to make if you have the right tools and a little bit of expert advice.


To class up an outdated kitchen, add a little something extra to a living or dining area, or finish off your man-cave in the basement, homemade cabinets are an easy, no-fuss and inexpensive alternative to mass-produced and overpriced products that you’ll find on the floors of furniture stores across America.


Try these easy frame-and-panel cabinet doors – so simple that your kids could help you – that only take about 30 minutes to complete each!


For the frames, use 3/4-inch thick stock cut into the appropriate dimensions for your needed cabinet door, and stick to about 1/4-inch thick panels to insert.


Be sure to choose a wood type or veneer that you like and that will complement the décor of your home.


Once you have your dimensions planned, you can cut grooves in each frame piece to slide around the center paneling. After you’ve confirmed the fit, you can move on to styling.


Creating a unique design is fully at your discretion. You’ll need to have some shaper cutters handy for this, which can also be used to create the groove to slide the panel into, but are also key to making truly unique cabinets by shaping the frames in various ways.


For example, you can create a reversible pattern detail on the edges of your frame where the pieces meet for a unique look.


Rather than just straight lines, a reversible pattern detail cutter will help you to create simple but interesting patterns that fit together that are eye catching.


Similarly, you could use a window sash cutter to create the same sort of pattern where the corners of your frame meet.


Or, fashion an inlay of sorts to fit over the panel of your cabinet door, using half round concave cutters or corner rounding cutters to make a truly unique-looking cabinet door that no one else will have!


For more information on this handy and simple project, check out the full tips at Wood Magazine.


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