Create a Unique Look with Custom Door Moulding

December 2nd, 2015
Create a Unique Look with Custom Door Moulding

The colder months are slowly but surely approaching, and with winter on its way, it’s important to do all you can to prepare your home for freezing temperatures. As you go about the business of cleaning gutters and sealing up roof and window leaks, you might also need to take a look at your home’s doors.


While you’re checking out your home’s doors to ensure they are winter-ready, why not give them a bit of a makeover?


Custom door moulding is a great way to give your home a unique look that won’t be replicated all over your neighborhood. You can create beautiful, eye-catching designs that will make your home truly yours.


With tools that can help you easily shape and cut different types of wood, you can create custom designs that match your home’s interior baseboards or crown moulding, creating a luxurious entryway.


Forget about that boring old front door, and make something truly unique!


Once you’ve finished, make sure that the door is sealed well. You’ll need to carefully and generously apply caulk to any cracks that you might see to ensure that the door is winter-ready. Sealing up any gaps around your door will provide an airtight seal and protection against cold drafts that blow in and your heated air blowing out.


These gaps can make your heating systems work over time, ultimately costing you money. So make sure that everything is sealed up while it’s still not too cold outside. And consider revamping your home’s entire look with something simple: a custom front door, complete with gorgeous moulding.


At W. Moore Profiles, we carry a great range of moulder heads to help you create those customized looks, as well as the Magic Molder, a great tool that can make shaping your custom moulding even easier.


For more information or help selecting the right tools, contact us today.


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