Common Woodworking Project For Your Home

January 12th, 2016
Common Woodworking Project For Your Home

Ever looked at a spot your house and thought that something would go perfectly in that spot?


We all have and many of us may come up with an idea but don’t think we are capable of creating it. The truth is there a ton of small items wooden items we can create for our homes.


Here are some of them:


File Box


This is a small item that would be the ideal project to work on with one of your kids. It is a little challenging to build but there is no questioning the fun you will have building it. Once completed the file box can hold everything from bills to recipes.




Looking for a place to kick your feet up? Well, you can actually make one for yourself. This item can also double as a small table as well.


Key Rack


Never lose your keys again! Using a small piece of wood and a few rubber coat hooks, this item can be easily assembled and also makes a great last second gift idea.


Pet Nest


This is another great woodworking project for that special four-legged friend in your life. Once assembled, it will be the perfect napping or relaxing spot for them, hopefully keeping them from hogging your bed at night!




What better place to put your tools after one of these projects than their own custom toolbox? This can be made from simple pine wood and hardboards. If you’re feeling really creative you could even create compartments for each tool inside the box as well.


W. Moore Profiles offers a large selection of millwork products for professional woodworkers as well as individuals working on their own projects. If you would like more information on our products, contact us today!



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