Using A Straight Blade Saw To Create Curves

Using A Straight Blade Saw

Woodworkers have a unique talent of being able to take a piece of wood and create a masterpiece. A woodworker is only as good as his tools, however, so making sure you have a plentiful stock of quality tools is needed.


In order to get the desired shape and appearance of what you plan to make, any woodworker will tell you that you should have plenty of shape cutters, knives, molds, router bits and more.


Wood is not very pliable, which turns into having to use many different tools to shape the wood specifically.  Once you are able to maneuver the tools in such a way so that you give shape, definition and beauty to the wood, you truly have a remarkable design on your hands.


How can you more easily create curvature in wood?


Woodworking involves a timely process from conception to final product. There may be a way to eliminate some time and effort when looking to shape wood more easily and efficiently, and that’s a flexible Japanese saw.


What is the flexible Japanese saw?


The saw itself is a straight blade saw that produces creative curves.


The Japanese flexible saw eliminates the need for an electric router. With a vise for holding the wood steady, the Japanese flexible saw will bend with little effort while cutting perfectly into your wood to create a unique shape.


With the Japanese saw, you can make an arched rabbet, dado, a curved shoulder, and any type of groove in addition to decorating a wood board with curvature geometry.


You will need a template for the design to help guide the cuts, but the saw itself is very easy to use and creates some of the best curves compared to other well-known woodworking tools.


If you can acquire a flexible Japanese saw, you will undoubtedly make the job of creating refined and difficult curvature in woodwork much easier.


The dynamic of this simple tool is ideal to perfect that beautiful curve.


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